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your options in safes for your family

Do you have somewhere in your home to keep your valuables and important documents safe? If not, now is the time to look into getting a safe. I never thought that I needed to have a safe in my home, but since we had a fairly serious fire, my opinion has changed. Unfortunately, the fire had damaged the part of my home that I store all of my important paperwork. This caused me a great deal of work that I really didn't have the time to do since I was working to repair the damage to my home. Since that time, I have had two fireproof safes installed in my home and you would never even know that they are there. Learn about the different options in safes that you have to decide what would be best for your family.

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4 Services A Locksmith Can Provide For Your Car

A locksmith works on more than just homes and businesses, as they also provide all kinds of services related to your car. There is no need to take your car to a dealership when a locksmith can do it at a much more affordable price. Here are 4 services they can provide, some you might not have known about:

Fix Broken Keys

It is possible for keys to break, but when they break off in your car's ignition, you could potentially find yourself stranded without a way to get home. A locksmith can help you out with keys that have broken off in an ignition, door, or trunk. They will also fix keys that are stuck in cylinders that do not want to turn.

A car dealership will want you to come out to their location to fix it, but that is easier said than done if you cannot get your car started. Locksmiths will come to where you are, so there is no need to tow your car to a professional to fix the problem for you.

Create Duplicate Keys

Newer cars come with fancy keys that you cannot have copied at your local hardware store. They often require a very special shape that has a microchip in them for starting the car.

Do not make the mistake of paying a premium to have a duplicate key made at the car dealership, as a locksmith can do this job too. They can even order and program a new key fob for you that allows keyless entry into your car.

Re-key Your Ignition And Locks

If you ever have your car keys stolen, it will make it real easy for the thief to take your car with minimal effort. Do not resort to using your spare keys, as you need to be proactive against a possible theft. A locksmith can help re-key your ignition and door locks so that you can ensure you have the only set of keys out there.

Repair or Replace Lock Cylinders

Once you have recovered a stolen car, chances are that some serious damage was done to the cylinders on your door locks and ignition. You will need to have all of the damaged cylinders repaired or replaced so that your keys will function once again. Thankfully, locksmiths can handle these repairs without a problem.

Now that you are aware of some of the services a locksmith can provide for your car, you'll think twice about heading directly to the dealership with a lock related issue. To learn more, contact a company like ARC Locksmith Service with any questions you have.