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your options in safes for your family

Do you have somewhere in your home to keep your valuables and important documents safe? If not, now is the time to look into getting a safe. I never thought that I needed to have a safe in my home, but since we had a fairly serious fire, my opinion has changed. Unfortunately, the fire had damaged the part of my home that I store all of my important paperwork. This caused me a great deal of work that I really didn't have the time to do since I was working to repair the damage to my home. Since that time, I have had two fireproof safes installed in my home and you would never even know that they are there. Learn about the different options in safes that you have to decide what would be best for your family.

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4 Ways To Make Sure Your Locksmith Is Legitimate

It is every family's worst nightmare: coming home to find that somebody has been inside your home or car, victimizing you and violating your personal space. Locksmiths are an important part of keeping your home safe, making them an essential part of the community. Still, there are cases in which criminals have posed as locksmiths in order to perform nefarious activities. These tips will help you select a legitimate locksmith who has your best interest in mind.

1 - Ask for a business card.

In one case, a man found that he was dealing with a fake locksmith by asking for a business card. The locksmith did not have a business card, nor did he have any evidence that he worked for a professional locksmith company at all. This is a simple gesture, but it can ensure your safety. It is also wise to ask any locksmiths you work with to provide another type of verification that they work for the company they claim to be a part of.

2 - Look for a professional van.

People posing as locksmiths will likely drive an unmarked van without the name of a local company. Take a look at the van when the locksmith arrives to ensure that it is marked with a name and phone number.

3 - Verify the name of the company when you make the phone call.

Always verify with the company you call that you are speaking with somebody representing the business you intended to call. Ask for their name and street address, ensuring it lines up with the company you believe you are calling. You should also take note of how employees answer the phone. A generic greeting could indicate that it is not the company you intend to call.

4 - Get personal recommendations.

Experts also recommend that you do not choose a locksmith out of the phone book or off the Internet at random. If you have the chance, check out the Better Business Bureau or even Yelp for reviews of the company you intend to hire.

Additionally, do not feel obligated to use a company simply because you made the call. If it does not feel right, cancel the service and feel good knowing that you may have avoided being scammed. Real locksmiths are legitimate professionals who want to help you with your lock-related problems. While locksmith scams are few and far between, knowing how to spot fake locksmiths can save you trouble.  For more information, contact a professional like LI Locksmiths Inc.