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your options in safes for your family

Do you have somewhere in your home to keep your valuables and important documents safe? If not, now is the time to look into getting a safe. I never thought that I needed to have a safe in my home, but since we had a fairly serious fire, my opinion has changed. Unfortunately, the fire had damaged the part of my home that I store all of my important paperwork. This caused me a great deal of work that I really didn't have the time to do since I was working to repair the damage to my home. Since that time, I have had two fireproof safes installed in my home and you would never even know that they are there. Learn about the different options in safes that you have to decide what would be best for your family.

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Three Benefits Of Investing In A Commercial Access Control Security System

Maintain a high level of security in a facility can be a challenge, especially if you are using the traditional key entry system. The issue with a key entry system is that quite often, entry keys get lost. Additionally, employees often exchange entry keys which makes it difficult to limit access to restricted areas of the facility. Furthermore, you can never tell who gained access to which areas at any given time.

Thus, if you are facing the above security issues in your business premises or facility, it is high time you considered upgrading to a commercial access control security system. With such a system, it is pretty easy to keep track of which employees have access to restricted areas of the premises as well as who gained access to various areas of the facility.

With that said, here are three benefits of upgrading to a commercial access control security system.

Keyless Entry

As mentioned, key entry systems are problematic because employees often lose their access cards or keys. When this happens, your business has to spend money on reprogramming a new entry card or purchasing a set of replacement keys.

However, if you upgrade to a commercial access control security system, you no longer need keys to access various parts of the premises. Instead, you can have a commercial access control system that utilizes codes instead of keys.

Thus, every employee will get a unique access code that enables them to gain entry into various areas of the facility they are allowed to enter. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your employees — or yourself, for that matter — losing keys.

Maximum Security

Maintaining the security of your facility often involves restricting access to various sensitive areas. For instance, you don't want every one of your employees to have access to your office if you keep sensitive documents around. 

Additionally, if you run a cash business, you don't want everyone to access where you keep the cash because it might entice stealing. Thus, it would be best if you had an effective way of limiting or restricting access to such sensitive areas of your business to only a few employees whom you trust.

In such a case, a commercial access control security system can help. With such a system, you can issue access codes or keycards that provide the employees you trust with access to such sensitive areas of your premises. Additionally, the access codes or keycards will be unique for each employee. Thus, any employee who isn't allowed to access the sensitive areas of the facility will not be able to gain entry into them.

Therefore, a commercial access control system can help you maintain maximum security within your business premises by restricting access to sensitive areas.

Access Monitoring

One of the main benefits of a commercial access control system is that it logs all entries and exits for the whole facility. Hence, whenever an employee enters their access code to gain entry into a particular facility area, the system will identify the said employee based on their unique access code. Therefore, the access logs will include the employee's name, the place they gained access, the time they entered, and the time they exited the area.

This type of information is essential in keeping track of the activities of your employees. For instance, if an item goes missing from a particular area, it is pretty easy to determine the culprit by going through the access logs.

Additionally, this type of recording will ensure your employees stay in line and avoid mischievous activities such as stealing because they know for sure they will get caught. to learn more, contact a company that provides commercial access control security systems.